What Are The Different Forms Of Stretching?

Laser therapyWhen it comes to safe and effective exercise methods, stretching has the longest history. Various rehab professionals say that stretching is essential before any activity, while some say that stretching is best after activity. However, we are still unaware of what stretching can or cannot do to your health.

Stretching influences posture prevents injuries and cramps, impacts the activity performance, and much more. Stretching is of three basic types that can improve flexibility and capacity of movement. However, here we are only focusing on the common techniques of stretching that are implemented for its effectiveness. The most commonly studied and used stretching methods are:

Static Stretching

The most common technique- is done by extending a targeted muscle group and holding it for thirty seconds or more. It is complete only when performed four times for thirty seconds each. Static stretching includes passive stretching and active stretching.

Dynamic Stretching

Unlike static, dynamic stretching needs continuous actions in patterns that imitate the activity about to be performed. The general purpose is to improve the flexibility and provide comfort to the player in order to be able to complete body movements with ease. Examples are vertical hops, side shuffles, T-drills, walking lunges, and so much more.

Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic stretching is about stretching your limbs in an extended range of motion. This also involves quick bouncing movements. It is typically used at the time of athletic drills and uses repetitive bouncing movements in order to stretch a targeted muscle group.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching includes the use of autogenic and inhibition of reciprocal. It includes three types of sub techniques.

  • Hold Relax
  • Contract- Relax
  • Hold relax with agonist contraction

What muscle group of your body does bother you? Have you tried stretching? If that does not help you, reach out to WestBram Physiotherapy and wellness to restore your overall wellness.