custom-orthotics-bracesFeet are those body parts which are responsible for balancing the entire body weight. They allow you to move, walk and run throughout life. Though they play a vital role, still theses body parts are one of the most ignored ones. To provide the right comfort to your feet, it is important to wear custom-made orthotics.

At Westbram Physio, we are your trusted physiotherapists in Brampton & Caledon who provide the best fit custom orthotics and braces to make your body feel at ease. Ill-fitting shoes are the common reason behind foot problems. With our orthotics and insoles, we make sure your foot doesn’t hurt anymore. We are here to provide the adequate support to your feet, in order to relieve pain and foot irregularities which are mainly caused due to the poor bio-mechanics.

Benefits Of Orthotics & Braces

  • Aligning & supporting the foot or ankle
  • Preventing & correcting foot deformities
  • Improving the function of the foot or ankle
  • Provides medial & lateral support to the knee
  • Reduces & prevents excessive knee rotation
  • Can limit the range of motion post-surgically
  • Protects the graft healing after surgery

Why You Need To Wear Braces?

Braces provide the much needed comfort and support to your body. No matter, it is your back, feet, knees, shoulders, ankle or wrists that are causing discomfort, our custom-made braces can lessen your pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common condition which can be treated using the right back and knee brace.

At Westbram Physio, we recommend our patients to opt for custom designed orthotics and braces to prevent body misalignment and posture problems. To embrace a healthy lifestyle, your body should be able to handle any stress or strain which can be handled with the perfectly aligned custom brace that increases your comfort and confidence.

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