Exercise good for Migraines?

Is Exercise good for Migraines?Headaches are a pain without any doubt. But, a migraine just tops the list of being irritating and annoying. Well, if you are the one with migraines, then you must have heard that exercise is the best way to keep it in control.

It was a piece of evidence in 2008 that acknowledged the preventive effects of treating migraine with pain. However, the findings cannot be generalized due to the diverse differences in the diagnosis of migraine pains. There were variations in the outcome, the measures taken, and even the underpowered study analysis.

Want to know how exercise helps in improving the migraine and other related issues? Let us scroll ahead and learn a little about the effects of exercise- both biologically and psychologically.

Mechanism of an Exercise

The mechanisms by which an exercise can prevent migraines are generally divided into two broad categories- biological and psychological. When under the biological mechanism, there are several pathways proposed. It is the neuromuscular pathway that can also be the right approach for migraines. This is because migraines are related to vascular abnormalities- for instance, impaired cerebral and peripheral vascular function, endothelial dysfunction, as well as it also increases the risk for inflammation and hypercoagulability. Another possible and efficient approach involves improving the threshold of pain via the median stress hormones along with the production of endorphins- the neuromodulators.

Exercise also brings a psychological effect on migraines. It improves the factors like self-efficiency, expectations, locus of control, and perceptions. Different types of exercises have been reported to help differently to people with migraines. Some even believe that since yoga is low in interventions, it brings more positive effects on migraines and other related disabilities to the person.

So, we can easily infer that exercise is one of the best approaches for migraines.

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