Avoid Foods when undergoing physiotherapy

Foods to Avoid when undergoing physiotherapyUndergoing physiotherapy is a different kind of pain, altogether. One, the injury causes so much physical pain. Second, chaos in mind by the frequent instructions of our loved ones. Sit this way. Lie that way. Eat this. Drink this. Over that, you have to follow the strict instructions given by your physiotherapist. All in all, it takes so much to fasten up your healing process.

Among these, the most important is your diet. The more you take healthy and nutritious food, the more it will get easier for you to recover.

So, if you are confused that which food you should avoid healing quickly. Here is the list:


If you are in the process of undergoing physiotherapy, say a big ‘No’ to sugar. It does nothing but increases the amount of fat in your body. At this time, your body cannot effectively process sugar and thus results in restlessness. If you are consuming a large amount of sugar, this will degrade the amount of collagen and elastin in your body which leads to different side effects while having physiotherapy. If you are craving sugar so much, eat sweet potatoes. Healthy and filling.


We know, you like coffee, everybody does. But, your injury does not. Excessive caffeine intake will make you fragile and it will get difficult for you to fight pain. That will eventually slow down the effect of physiotherapy. Caffeine limits the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the affected area and thus slows down the healing process. Instead of coffee and tea, go for natural juice. You won’t regret it.


On one side, you are getting your body repaired from an injury, and on another side; you are becoming an obstruction, yourself. How will it work? Alcohol damages the cells outside your stomach lining and thus prevents nutrition to reach your injury. Thus, worsen the healing time. So, stop the consumption, right now.

If you are looking for the best food advice while going for physiotherapy, reach out to our experts at WestBram Physiotherapy and Wellness.